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This section lists companies that provide a useful service for film collectors.
If you contact any of the companies listed please mention where you found their address.
All the companies listed in this section are companies that I have had dealings with.

Derann Film Services.

If you collect Super 8mm films, one of your first calls will be to Derann Films Services. Derann are one of the last remaining major distributors of super 8mm films in the World.

They feature a large selection of films from The Lion King, The Reptile, The King And I, The Sound Of Music, Sleeping Beauty, African Queen, El Cid, to name just a few of the features. On the shorts front they have Tom & Jerry cartoons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Newsreels, Trailers, Commercials, and other varied titles that come in from time to time. Derann are the Super 8mm distributors for Walt Disney Films and 20th Century Fox. 

Derann also publish "Films For The Collector" which is an A4 sized magazine consisting of about 40 pages per issue. Quite varied in content it is published 4 times per subscription period, but it may take more than 12 months to complete a subscription period. The cost is UK £14.00 Europe £18.00 USA/Elsewhere £22.00. You also get the Derann Sales List sent to you, which lists both Super 8mm & 16mm films for sale. Now charged for.

I have used Derann Films from the start of my film collecting days (from about 1975). I hired my first film from their library, (now closed). Derann have supported the Super 8mm film collector through thick & thin.

In 2002 Derek Simmons the founder of Derann Film Services sadly passed away.

Contact Derann at the address below:

Why not visit Derann on their web site:
Derann Film Services
Derann Film Services
For all export enquiries
For all U.K. enquiries
For all 16mm enquiries
Derann Film Services Limited
99 High Street
West Midlands
Location Map
(0)1384 233191
(0)1384 233192
(0)1384 456488
Direct links to Derann's
Super 8mm List
16mm List
Trailers List

Classic Home Cinema.

Phil Sheard a film collector who a few years ago started a business from home called Classic Home Cinema. Well they have expanded, and opened a shop in Cleethorpes (contact Phil for full info). 

Phil the manager tells me the shop is dedicated to film, which probably makes the shop unique in the U.K. and perhaps the World! Remember that's film and film equipment and memorabilia. (I hope to visit in the near future and take a few photos to include on the web site).

Classic buys and sells both Super 8mm and 16mm films. Phil has also released a few of his own titles on Super 8mm. If you need any film equipment give Classic a try, they may have what you need.

They are also the only other company in the world to issue new releases on Super 8. In January 2003 Phil gave me his latest lists Classic had 11 new releases on Super 8. One of these releases is the feature 'The Ghost Of Frankenstein' 3 x 600'

In addition to selling films, Classic also deal with other sections of the collecting scene POSTERS

If you send a large SAE to Phil you will get his *LARGE* sales list by return. Phil will also send you the list via E-Mail if you send him your e-mail address.

I have bought a quite few films from Phil over the past few years and found a few rare titles. Prices are very fair, of course if the film is a rare title expect to pay more, the quality is usually good too.

Classic have a fantastic projector for sale the Fumeo HL2000, would I like this projector.

Classic Home Cinema attends all the major UK Film Conventions that run throughout the year.

Added information check them for imported German prints. some very rare titles, and very good prints.

Contact Classic Home Cinema at the address below:

Visit Classic on their web site.
Classic Home Cinema
As a service whenever Classic mail me a new
list it will be linked to from here
Classic Home Cinema
51 Cambridge Street
DN35 8HD
Telephone 44 (0) 870 744 6798
Fax 44 (0) 870 744 6798

Classic Home Cinema



Widescreen Centre.

A useful company with a web site is the Widescreen Centre at 48 Dorset Street, London. Located just off Baker Street this shop stocks loads of film related products. Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm film, with a full processing service, film splicers, lenses and all the little items you need for film making. They also sell a range of projection screens. Why not pay them a visit your sure to find something for your hobby.

Contact The Widescreen Centre at the address below:

Visit the Widescreen Centre web site
The Widescreen Centre
48 Dorset Street
The Widescreen Centre
18 Lady Bridge Road
West Bridge ford
44(0)20 7935 2580
Fax 44(0)020 7486 1272
01602 455459
E-Mail Widescreen


Independent 8.

Independent 8 are a small company who mainly sell used films in Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm. They also have used projectors and equipment for sale.

Independent 8 are also releasing some of their own titles. Drop them a line for more details.

Independent 8 are another company that I have bought films from. The War Wagon/McClintock double trailer reel in scope is a very good release.

Visit Independent 8 website
Independent 8
86 Ramney Drive
44 (0)1992 652792
Independent 8

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