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This is the part of the site I hate to write the most. It suppose this is the saddest part of The Reel Image. The obituaries. I'll mainly remember people that I have had dealings with over the years as a collector.

I will also remember the people in the film industry, who through their work gave me pleasure and entertainment.

I will dedicate a page to each person. Its my way a saying Thank You. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten.

I'll start my remembrances with the man who kept the super 8 flag flying and had faith in the film collector to keep wanting film Derek Simmons.

Another who I had dealings with over the years was Harrison "Harry" Penrod Hilfinger of ESO-S Pictures.

The master of Dynamation, Ray Harryhausen has died at the age of 92. His stop motion work was and still is the best. Stop Motion is something I always enjoy watching, and when done by Mr Harryhausen, even more.